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Chic Crystal Ring


"HY" stands for Hybrid, "one" stands for Unity.

Our philosophy is to cross breed specific technologies, innovative design, different materials and surface finishing to produce one new color applications.

We are a group of keen innovators with different experienced expertise, but the same passion to delight with human design and marketing. HYone brings you designed solutions for different occasions.

Whether you are having fun outdoor, chilling at home, working at office, or travelling to meet your important clients, we have a smart and stylish solution for you.

Ask any HYone users, you will hear of impressive multi-functional usability, chic colors, fine finishing, light weight, compact, and the list goes on. Our products are unique because they are inspired by our avid observation of consumers in their daily life, and they are designed to make your life more colorful. That’s we meant by "HYone – color your life".

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HYone is created for the discerning consumers. Our consumers look beyond functions. Quality is key, yet style cannot be compromised. They appreciate good designs that are considered. For a chic, quality brand with a unique style, HYone consumers are willing to pay more for it. We are inviting distributors and gift customers worldwide.